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Israel-Texas Connections: Cultural Exchange and Innovation at SXSW Festival


‌SXSW proves what sets the Israel-Texas relationship apart

The annual South by Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin, Texas, stands as a beacon of innovation, culture, and entrepreneurship. Even amidst the challenges that have arisen since October 7, including the war in Gaza and its effects on public sentiment and event participation, the festival has showcased the enduring spirit and resilience of communities and ventures coming together.

Despite a noticeable decline in Israeli startups at the festival, those that attended demonstrated the strength and innovative prowess that Startup Nation is known for across the globe. In an atmosphere occasionally shadowed by protests and heightened awareness around international issues, the Israeli entrepreneurs and investors at SXSW made the best of the experience, engaging deeply with the festival’s opportunities for growth, collaboration, and visibility.

Texas has emerged as a particularly supportive state for Israel and its people amidst a rise in antisemitism across the United States. The state’s actions speak of a commitment not just to words but to substantive support and collaboration with Israeli tech, embracing an ethos of partnership and shared progress.

A number of engaging events highlighted the strong cultural and professional bonds between the SXSW attendees, Israeli entrepreneurs, and supporters of Israel. From local Austin initiatives hosting Friday evening happy hour into Shabbat to the #openShabbat meal fostering cultural exchange amidst hummus and challah, these gatherings illustrated the vibrant connections being made.

Tal Shmueli, Managing Partner of Texas Venture Partners and one of the founders of the Tel Aviv-ATX Founders Club, commented on the welcoming environment in Texas for Jews and Israelis alike. The support from the local community has been evident, encouraging a sense of belonging and appreciation.

David Yaari echoes this sentiment, noting an increased interest from Israeli companies in forming business connections with Texas, particularly in the tech sector. This surge in interest has been helped along by initiatives working to bridge Israeli innovation with the robust Texas economy.

Examples of innovation making their way into SXSW included Eliav Shaked, co-founder and CEO of RetiSpec, and Alexandra Shamir, who founded Yofi. These entrepreneurs represent the cutting-edge of Israeli technology and the spirit of resilience and innovation that characterizes Israeli startups. Their presence at SXSW speaks to the strength of the Israel-Texas relationship and the opportunities that arise from such international collaboration.

Michael Basch of Atento Capital highlighted continual investment in Israel, showcasing an unwavering support for the Israeli tech ecosystem. This sentiment was mirrored by others who have seen the potential for combining Israel’s innovative startup culture with Texas’ scale-up environment.

In the wake of challenges, new initiatives have emerged to further strengthen the bond between Israel and Texas. Entrepreneurs and investors alike see potential in leveraging Israeli tech innovations alongside Texan economic power to address global challenges in defense, energy, and health.

This synergy was eloquently summarized by Massey Villarreal, chairman of the Texas Association of Business. By combining Israel’s innovative startup ecosystem with Texas’ capacity for scaling businesses, a unique and powerful collaboration emerges, setting the Israel-Texas relationship apart and driving forward economic development and innovation.

Alex Sterling
Alex Sterling
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