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Kernersville Commercial Property Sold for $3.55M: A Testament to Local Economic Growth and Investment Interest


Kernersville Commercial Real-Estate Tract Sold for $3.55 Million

In a significant move within the commercial real-estate sector, a Kernersville property currently hosting a Harbor Freight Store has been acquired for $3.55 million. This transaction spotlights the vitality of the local real estate market and the value placed on strategically positioned commercial properties.

The transaction, officially recorded by the Forsyth County Register of Deeds, indicates the property’s address as 1410 Glenn Center Drive. This location, known for its accessibility and potential for business, underscores the strategic investments entities are making in the region.

The acquisition was made by Clodfelter Family LLC, a group hailing from Kernersville itself, showcasing local investor confidence in the area’s commercial real estate market. The seller of the property was Henbell Kernersville HFT LLC, based in Augusta, Georgia, marking the culmination of ownership that has seen the property evolve into a key commercial location.

This sale is more than just a transaction; it reflects the ongoing interest and investment in Kernersville’s commercial real estate. Such investments are indicative of a healthy market that attracts not only local but also out of state investors. Kernersville continues to demonstrate its appeal as a business hub, with this sale being a testament to the town’s growing economic landscape.

The involvement of significant retail tenants like Harbor Freight Store further elevates the property’s profile, drawing attention to the robust nature of retail and commercial investments in the area. As the new owners take over, the Kernersville community watches with interest to see how this prime real estate tract will continue to be developed under its new stewardship.

Natalie Kimura
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