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Manchester in Transition: Changing Skylines, Music Venue Disputes, and Martha’s Law


The Mancunian Way: In the Shadow of a Skyscraper

Manchester’s landscape is rapidly evolving, as historic pubs and new skyscrapers vie for space under the city’s skyline. A notable example of this tension can be seen with The Deansgate pub—a 19th-century establishment—now being shadowed by the construction of a 22-story aparthotel. The once panoramic views from its popular rooftop terrace, spanning the southern city center, are now obstructed, much to the dismay of its patrons.

Commenting on the situation, a regular visitor to the pub lamented, “It’s ridiculous isn’t it? A really nice beer garden ruined.” This sentiment was echoed by another who reminisced about the previous summer’s great views and ambiance. Despite the ongoing construction work, The Deansgate remains open, although its roof terrace has been temporarily closed for safety concerns. In response to the development, the original developer, Ask Real Estate, highlighted that all necessary legal agreements were reached with the pub’s owner prior to the commencement of construction.

Manchester’s Music Venue Rivalry Intensifies

The dynamic between Manchester’s two major music venues, AO Arena and Co-op Live, has escalated, with legal and business resentments coming to the forefront. AO Arena has expressed strong opposition to Co-op Live’s plans to extend operating hours for its surrounding restaurants and bars, labeling the license application as ‘unlawful.’ Co-op Live rebuffed these accusations, framing the objection as a mere protectionist stance from their competitors. The dispute has captured public attention, with decision-making authorities yet to rule on the matter.

Martha’s Law: A Beacon of Hope for Patients

In an emotional turn of events, the government has endorsed the implementation of ‘Martha’s rule,’ set to enable patients experiencing deteriorations in their health to secure a second medical opinion easily. This initiative comes in the wake of Julie Alfrey’s tragic loss of her son, Johnny, whose symptoms of heart failure were overlooked by medical professionals. This legislation, championed by the parents of Martha Mills—a young victim of undiagnosed sepsis—promises to offer critically ill patients and their families a lifeline, serving as a poignant reminder of its necessity.

From Little Italy to Little Vietnam

Manchester’s cultural landscape is continually evolving, with ‘Little Vietnam’ emerging on Oldham Road, replacing what was once known as ‘Little Italy.’ This vibrant area has become a hub for Southeast Asian businesses, offering authentic Vietnamese cuisine that reflects the city’s growing demographic diversity. From family-run cafes to specialized grocery stores, Little Vietnam offers a slice of Southeast Asian culture, contributing to Manchester’s reputation as a cosmopolitan city.

A Tribute to a Coronation Street Legend

The city mourns the passing of John Savident, best known for his portrayal of Fred Elliott in the beloved ITV soap, Coronation Street. Savident’s unforgettable performance, marked by his character’s distinctive stutter and heartwarming storylines, left a lasting impact on fans and colleagues alike. The show paid tribute to Savident, acknowledging his role in enriching the storytelling of Coronation Street with humor and depth.

Turning Points and Tidbits

As Manchester continues to adapt and evolve, the city faces various challenges and changes—from the preservation of its cultural heritage to the embrace of new technologies like the phasing out of traditional landline telephones. Meanwhile, the local hospitality industry feels the strain with several establishments closing. Yet, amidst the ups and downs, the city finds moments of celebration, such as the artistic homage to Happy Mondays star Rowetta, underscoring Manchester’s enduring spirit and vibrant community life.

Despite the clashes of past and future, Manchester maintains a dynamic equilibrium, navigating the complexities of development with resilience and character. The city’s ever-changing narrative serves as a testament to its inhabitants’ capacity to adapt, innovate, and thrive.

Natalie Kimura
Natalie Kimura
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