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Prominent Vail Real Estate Broker’s Court Date for Stalking Allegations Pushed to March 26


Court Appearance for Prominent Vail Real Estate Broker Continued to March 26

Tye Stockton, a well-known Vail real estate broker, returned to the Eagle County Justice Center this past Tuesday. He was there for a brief court appearance concerning a serious allegation. Stockton faces a charge of stalking, classified as a domestic violence offense, which was levied against him in December.

As of this latest court appearance, Stockton has not yet had a preliminary hearing on his case, nor has he entered a plea. This week’s appearance was initially scheduled as a preliminary demand. During such proceedings, the defendant may either request a preliminary hearing or choose to waive it. However, the decision was made to continue his court appearance to the forthcoming date of March 26.

During Tuesday’s session, Judge Inga Causey granted Stockton permission to travel, underscoring the ongoing legal proceedings. The continuation of his case is set to occur at 11 a.m. on the scheduled date, marking another chapter in this unfolding story.

The genesis of the charge against Stockton dates back to an incident on December 27, where he is accused of implementing a rather modern method of tracking. The allegation involves the use of an air tag tracking device, which was reportedly placed in the vehicle of the purported victim. This significant claim is what led to the stalking charge that Stockton now faces.

Following his arrest on December 27, Stockton was processed at the Eagle County Detention Facility. His stay was brief, as he was released the next day, December 28, after posting a $2,500 bond. This particular court appearance marked the second time Stockton has had to face these allegations publicly, accompanied by his attorney, Jesse Wiens.

Beyond the legal issues currently surrounding him, Stockton is recognized for his significant role in the Vail real estate market. He has been involved in brokering several major deals throughout the area. Notably, he represented the buyer in the monumental sale of 99 and 100 Vail Road in August 2020. That transaction, valuing at $57,250,000, set a new benchmark for the Vail market, illustrating the high stakes and high-profile nature of Stockton’s professional endeavors.

This case encapsulates a unique intersection of personal allegations and professional standing. As the legal process unfolds, many in Vail and the broader real estate community will undoubtedly watch closely. The continuation of Stockton’s court appearance to March 26 serves as the next milestone in a case that melds personal dispute with the public persona of a famed real estate figure.

Natalie Kimura
Natalie Kimura
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