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RITES: Leading Sustainable Urban and Transport System Development in Global Infrastructure


RITES: Pioneers in Planning and Developing Sustainable Urban and Transport Systems

RITES Ltd., an eminent Public Sector Enterprise under the Ministry of Railways, has consistently been at the forefront in offering an array of technical services within the domains of transportation and infrastructure, not just within India but also on a global scale. These services extensively cover a broad range of sectors including railways, metro systems, highways, ports, airports, ropeways, and urban transit systems, profoundly influencing policy formulation, strategic planning, infrastructure development, operations, and technology deployment.

A Legacy of Excellence

Since its inception in 1974, RITES has distinguished itself by achieving numerous milestones such as acquiring the Mini Ratna – Category 1 status in 2005-06, ascending to a Schedule A company status in 2007-08, and ultimately being honored with the ‘Navaratna’ status by the Government of India. Over the decades, RITES has expanded its portfolio beyond railways to include sectors like metro, highway, ports, airports, urban infra and ropeways, etc. Their involvement spans across providing consultancy for project management, quality assurance, operations & maintenance, leasing, and engaging in international business through its overseas wing, RITES International. Presently, RITES International is engaged in over 700 projects across more than 10 countries worldwide.

Empowering Indian Railways

In India, RITES plays a pivotal role in enhancing the rail infrastructure through providing bespoke technical services to Indian Railways. This includes consultancy services across project management, quality assurance, and operation & maintenance support, along with handling project undertakings such as the National Rail Plan, SMART Yards, and major railway projects including the Bogibeel Bridge and the J&K Railway Line among others.

Innovating Bridge Construction

In the realm of bridge construction, RITES is pioneering the use of new technologies and innovative construction systems to bolster efficiency, safety, and sustainability. Emphasizing on advanced materials and construction techniques like self-compacting concrete, high-performance concrete, and ultra-high-performance concrete, RITES is setting new standards for durable and environmentally friendly infrastructure within the country.

Towards Sustainable Transportation

RITES’s commitment towards developing efficient, safe, and environmentally sustainable transportation systems is evident through various initiatives. The consultancy services offered by RITES cover a comprehensive range of areas such as Mass Rapid Transit Systems, Traffic Impact Assessments, and Environment Impact Assessments, focusing heavily on promoting green mobility initiatives. The formation of Comprehensive Mobility Plans (CMPs) for about 20 cities across the country exemplifies RITES’s dedication towards sustainability, aiming at a significant reduction in CO2 emissions by promoting public and non-motorized transport modes.

Global Footprint

On the international front, RITES’s consultancy, infrastructure, and technology-related endeavors span over 55 countries, engaging in more than 3300 projects globally. This includes exporting rolling stock to various countries, offering post-commissioning O&M support, and providing infrastructure consultancy across several sectors. From conducting feasibility studies for freight transportation railways in Algeria and the UAE to managing major metro extension projects in Bahrain, RITES’s overseas projects are diverse and impactful. Furthermore, their involvement in significant initiatives such as the Afghanistan Reconstruction and Development Services Project underlines their global commitment towards infrastructure development and capacity building.

In conclusion, RITES Ltd. stands as a beacon of excellence and innovation in the planning and development of sustainable urban habitats and transport systems, both in India and across the globe. Through its comprehensive range of services and relentless pursuit of sustainable development, RITES continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of infrastructure and transportation.

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