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Suspect in Custody: Progress in the Hertel Avenue Bar Shooting Case


Buffalo Police Announce Suspect in Custody for Hertel Avenue Bar Shooting

In a significant development following the tragic incident outside a Hertel Avenue bar last month, the Buffalo Police Department has announced that they have taken a suspect into custody. The case concerns the untimely death of a 46-year-old man, leaving the local community in shock and clamoring for justice.

In a statement released over the weekend through their social media channels, the Buffalo Police refrained from confirming the identity of the individual held, avoiding specifically naming William Quinones, who was previously identified as a suspect in the case in early June. Nevertheless, a check on the Erie County Holding Center’s online inmate list on Monday revealed a person by that name currently in custody, sparking speculations and connections to the case.

The fatal incident that sparked this investigation and subsequent arrest occurred on May 7, 2024, on the 1500 block of Hertel. Madjid Elbert, a well-respected chef known for his mentorship and brotherly figure in the restaurant industry, tragically lost his life following a dispute on the patio of Del Denby Tavern. The early hours altercation escalated, leading to Elbert being fatally wounded. In response to the gravity of the situation, a grand jury indicted Quinones on June 3, marking a significant step forward in the legal proceedings.

The repercussions of the incident have extended beyond the immediate loss and grief experienced by those close to Elbert. In the aftermath of the shooting, the city took decisive action against Del Denby Tavern, ordering its temporary closure. However, by late May, the establishment was allowed to resume operations, albeit under stringent conditions imposed by the city’s Department of Permits and Inspections. These measures include modified operating hours, the mandatory presence of private security guards during peak times, and restrictions on the use of its rear patio area.

This case has undoubtedly cast a long shadow over the community, particularly those within the Buffalo restaurant industry who mourn the loss of Elbert. The ongoing proceedings and the Buffalo Police Department’s efforts to bring those responsible to justice are closely watched by many, eager for resolution and peace for the victim’s loved ones.

As the legal process unfolds, the community holds on to hope for justice and healing. The swift action and updates from the Buffalo Police Department provide some solace in the face of tragedy, signaling a commitment to public safety and the rule of law.

Natalie Kimura
Natalie Kimura
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