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Unraveling Hyderabad Land Dispute: Retired Cop Sivananda Reddy Questioned


Land Dispute Case: Hyderabad CCS Police Serve Notice to Retired Cop Sivananda Reddy

In a pivotal move aimed at resolving a long-standing land dispute, the Hyderabad CCS police have served a notice to retired police officer Sivananda Reddy, in connection with a controversial case involving the alleged illegal acquisition of land. This action comes after a dramatic attempt to take custody of Reddy in Alur of Nandikotkur mandal, Nandyal district, Andhra Pradesh, ended with his escape.

A case against Sivananda Reddy was registered with the Brahmankotkur police following his evasive maneuver. The ensuing investigation saw the arrest of Reddy’s wife, M. Uma Devi, and their son Kanishka on the same day of the attempted capture. In a significant development, the family sought intervention from the High Court, which subsequently ruled against any coercive measures towards them, mandating the police to formally notify them under CrPC Section 41-A for interrogation purposes.

Complying with the High Court’s directives, Uma Devi, Kanishka, and one Pyreddy Prashanth Reddy presented themselves for questioning on Friday. During the session, insights into Sivananda Reddy’s role were disclosed. As per the family’s statements, Sivananda Reddy was intricately involved in the operations of SK Developers, a construction company, taking charge of crucial aspects such as land procurement.

Delving into the background of the dispute, CCS DCP N. Swetha Reddy elaborated on the origins of the conflict. In 1994, the government allocated 281 acres of surplus agricultural land, spanning Survey Nos 282 to 299 at Budvel village, Rajendranagar mandal, for the benefit of the Scheduled Caste community. The allocation, however, fell into contention as the Chevella revenue divisional officer (RDO) later revoked the land pattas, citing a breach of agreement by the assignees for leasing the land to SK Developers. The contentious land was then transferred to the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) and the Tourism Department.

In an attempt to contest the RDO’s cancellation orders, the assignees appealed to the High Court for redressal. Additionally, they petitioned the government for alternative plots within the same land, while the matter remained undecided.

As per DCP Swetha Reddy, the situation escalated when certain individuals, including T.J. Prakash and Koneru Gandhi, identified as Dasharatha Ramarao, made contact with the assignees. Allegedly promising to resolve the dispute through influence over officials and politicians, they entered into agreements despite understanding the contentious nature of the land.

The plot thickened when Prakash, acting through an intermediary named Dayanand, approached Sivananda Reddy, enticing him with the prospect of acquiring the land at below-market rates — a mere ‘12,000 per square yard. In the years 2021-22, initial transactions to secure the land were made with cheques amounting to ‘5 lakh and ’10 lakh to the assignees, laying the groundwork for what DCP Swetha Reddy describes as the beginning of a conspiracy to usurp the land.

Further investigations have unveiled efforts by Sivananda Reddy and accomplices to manipulate the land’s classification from 2019 to 2023. Their lobbying culminated in the Rajendranagar mandal revenue officer issuing a simple memo, which allowed for the assignment of developed plots to the original assignees and encroachers alike through conveyance deeds, marking a significant development in this convoluted tale of land dispute and legal maneuvering.

As the case unfolds, it becomes increasingly apparent that the issues at hand extend beyond mere legal disputes, delving into the realms of ethics, governance, and the plight of the disenfranchised. The outcome of the Hyderabad CCS police’s inquiry into Sivananda Reddy and his associates will undoubtedly have far-reaching consequences for all parties involved.

Natalie Kimura
Natalie Kimura
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