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Upcoming Live Oak Health Seminars: Exploring Depression and Surgical Treatment for Sleep Apnea


Live Oak Health Seminars on Tap

The Live Oak Mental Health and Wellness Center is excited to announce the hosting of two pivotal health seminars this May. These events will be held at our conveniently located facilities at 3445 Ingleside Blvd., Ladson. We are offering these seminars free of charge, however, we do require that participants RSVP in advance to secure their spots.

These seminars are part of our ongoing commitment to promote health and well-being within our community. We are pleased to present topics that are not only timely but also critical to addressing some of the common health challenges faced by many today. Below is a detailed schedule and description of each seminar:

Seminar 1: Adults, Isolation, and Depression

  • Date: May 2
  • Time: 11 am – noon
  • Speaker: MB Ellur, MD, FAPA, Medical Director, Live Oak Mental Health & Wellness
  • Overview: This seminar aims to shed light on the prevalent issues of isolation and depression amongst adults. Dr. MB Ellur, a renowned figure in the field of mental health, will provide valuable insights, discuss signs and symptoms, and suggest coping strategies to help mitigate these challenges.

Seminar 2: Surgical Treatment for Chronic Obstructive Sleep Apnea

  • Date: Saturday, May 4
  • Time: 10-11 a.m.
  • Speaker: Eric Lentsch, MD, otolaryngologist, Head & Neck Specialists
  • Overview: Chronic Obstructive Sleep Apnea (COSA) is a serious health condition that affects millions worldwide, often without their knowledge. Dr. Eric Lentsch will delve into the complexities of COSA and explore surgical treatments as a viable option for patients who have struggled with other treatment methods.

These seminars are designed to be interactive, with ample opportunity for attendees to ask questions and engage directly with the speakers. It is an ideal forum for those seeking to improve their health, understand more about specific medical conditions, and explore the treatments available.

Your health and well-being are our top priorities at the Live Oak Mental Health and Wellness Center. We invite you to join us for these informative sessions that promise to enlighten and empower. Please remember to RSVP as spaces are limited and we want to ensure everyone interested has the opportunity to attend.

We look forward to welcoming you and playing a part in your journey towards better health.

Natalie Kimura
Natalie Kimura
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