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Viksit Bharat Ambassador Meet-up in Srinagar: A Step Towards India’s Development


J-K: Viksit Bharat Ambassador Meet-up Held in Srinagar

Srinagar, the picturesque capital of Jammu and Kashmir, recently played host to a significant event—the Viksit Bharat Ambassador meet-up. This gathering on April 20 saw the participation of more than 300 individuals from diverse fields. Attendees included writers, students, startup owners, professionals, journalists, and notable figures from both North and South Kashmir, making it a melting pot of ideas and innovation dedicated to the nation’s development.

Union Minister Hardeep Singh Puri graced the event as the chief guest, bringing attention to the central theme of the conference—the vision of ‘Viksit Bharat’. The meet-up aimed to foster a dialogue among volunteers nationwide, who are eager to contribute to India’s journey towards becoming a developed nation.

A pivotal part of the agenda was the panel discussion titled “Viksit Bharat-Viksit Kashmir”, which shed light on the transformation seen in Jammu and Kashmir over the past decade. Changes highlighted included the abrogation of Article 370, the construction of significant infrastructure projects like the Chenab Bridge, and a noticeable reduction in violence and unrest. The discourse centered around the integral role of a prosperous Kashmir in realizing the broader vision of a developed India by 2047, echoing the aspirations of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

In his speech, Union Minister Puri emphasized, “Bharat cannot be ‘Viksit’ without ‘Viksit Kashmir’. The Prime Minister has envisioned that by 2047, India should emerge as a ‘developed nation’, a dream that requires collective effort and participation from across the country.”

Highlighting India’s economic aspirations, Minister Puri noted, “Currently, our economy stands at USD 4 trillion. By 2040, we are poised to expand to a USD 40 trillion economy.” He envisioned an India that transcends its historical identity as the ‘Sone ki Chidiya’ (golden bird), becoming a global model of development and prosperity.

The Minister also touched upon India’s past economic prominence by referencing historian Angus Maddison’s work. Maddison documented India’s significant contribution to the global economy in the year 1700, making up over 25% of global GDP at the time—a testament to the country’s historical wealth and potential for future growth.

The Viksit Bharat meet-up in Srinagar not only offered a platform for meaningful discourse on India’s development goals but also reinforced the essential nexus between the prosperity of Jammu and Kashmir and the broader national vision. As India strides towards a bright future, events like these remind us of the collective journey and the roles individuals and communities play in achieving shared aspirations for a developed nation by 2047.

Alex Sterling
Alex Sterling
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