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VTEX: Revolutionizing the B2B Marketplace with Enhanced Sales and Digital Transformations


VTEX: Pioneering the Future of B2B Marketplaces with Revolutionary Sales Achievements

VTEX stands at the forefront of commerce innovation, redefining the landscape for enterprise B2C and B2B brands with its composable and complete commerce platform. Emphasizing the B2B marketplace model’s pivotal role as a vital strategy for survival, expansion, and prosperity in the rapidly evolving market, VTEX showcases a vision that transcends conventional business approaches.

In the wake of digital transformation, the B2B marketplace model has remarkably altered consumer behavior and established a new paradigm. Encapsulating this change, Digital Commerce 360 reports an astonishing leap in B2B marketplace sales, witnessing a growth from USD 24.6 billion in 2020 to an unprecedented USD 260 billion by 2023. A significant observation is that more than half of the business buyers acknowledge their companies’ preference for purchasing from prominent B2B marketplaces, including Amazon Business.

Santiago Naranjo, Chief Revenue Officer at VTEX, conveys, “The B2B marketplace model transcends a mere trend; it represents a pivotal shift towards scalable and sustainable business growth. Our commitment at VTEX to this transformative approach empowers our clients to thrive in the digital arena, fostering growth, enhancing customer loyalty, and broadening product assortments, all while mitigating the inherent risks of expansion. Our digital commerce framework caters to the thriving success of over 2,600 companies across 43 countries, enabling them to achieve profitable growth in the digital economy.”

The allure of the B2B marketplace model lies in its unique ability to amplify revenue, deepen customer loyalty, and expand the product offering without the conventional expansion risks:

  • Increase Revenue: Establishing a marketplace unveils a multitude of revenue enhancement avenues, tapping into a broader buyer segment and diversifying income sources through commissions, advertising, subscription models, lead generation initiatives, and data monetization strategies.
  • Deepen Customer Loyalty: Transitioning into a comprehensive solution provider for customers, a B2B marketplace curates an extensive assortment of industry-specific goods, harnessing customer data to fine-tune offerings and fortify market position against major technology platforms.
  • Expand Product Range: Marketplaces empower businesses to diversify their product spectrum without broadening their logistical footprint or indulging in new supply chain complexities, thereby augmenting resilience and consistently satisfying customer demands with a plethora of supplier options.

One narrative that exemplifies VTEX’s strategy efficacy is the experience of Macromex, a Romania-based company navigating through the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, especially workforce shortages affecting traditional sales models. Embracing digital transformation, Macromex integrated VTEX’s suite to digitize its B2B operations tailored specifically to the nuanced requirements of the hotel and restaurant industries.

This digital leap automated Macromex’s order management, enhancing efficiency, reducing human error, and allowing staff to concentrate on strategic tasks. With platforms like and, Macromex introduced a 24/7 operational model, streamlining order handling, bolstering financial transparency, and offering personalized pricing, all facilitated by VTEX’s innovative capabilities.

Leveraging the prowess of AWS technologies, VTEX elevates Macromex’s digital framework, enabling them to deliver unparalleled supply solutions, diminish operational expenditures, and broaden their customer reach, reinforcing their dominance in the frozen food market segment.

As VTEX continues to lead the charge in transforming digital commerce, its platform emerges as the preferred choice for leading brands such as Colgate, Motorola, Samsung, Under Armour, and Whirlpool, underscoring a legacy of empowering companies to navigate and flourish in the digital age.

Alexandra Bennett
Alexandra Bennett
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