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Wawanesa Insurance Transforms Winnipeg Skyline with Innovative Headquarters at True North Square


Wawanesa Insurance Sets New Milestone with Headquarters at True North Square

In a significant development for downtown Winnipeg, Wawanesa Insurance has inaugurated its new national headquarters within a striking 23-storey tower at True North Square. This prominent new addition to the city’s skyline signifies more than just architectural progress; it marks a substantial investment in the heart of Winnipeg by one of the province’s largest employers.

The sophisticated 360,000-square-foot edifice is not only the third tower to grace the environs of the bustling downtown square but also a beacon calling 1,300 employees to a modern workplace designed for innovation, collaboration, and well-being. Jeff Goy, Wawanesa’s CEO, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, noting the deliberate choice of this prime location to solidify the company’s long-standing ties with Manitoba.

Constructed at 236 Carlton Street, the building stands as a testament to local prowess, having been developed by True North Real Estate Development and designed by Winnipeg’s own Architecture49. Beyond its workspaces, the structure boasts a dedicated floor for large meetings, a training and development level, an inviting café, and a wellness centre. Moreover, it anticipates the opening of an on-site child care center, highlighting Wawanesa’s commitment to supporting its employees in every aspect of their lives.

Its integration with True North Square’s public plaza and the city’s skywalk system enhances the tower’s allure, making it an integral part of Winnipeg’s urban fabric. The significance of this development was echoed by Premier Wab Kinew, who hailed it as a “visionary investment” poised to rejuvenate downtown Winnipeg. The premier emphasized the considerable economic boost expected from bringing over a thousand employees into the downtown area, underscoring the multifaceted benefits of Wawanesa’s commitment.

Further solidifying its role as a community pillar, Wawanesa announced a $500,000 contribution to support downtown initiatives. This generous donation includes $450,000 dedicated to bolstering Downtown Winnipeg BIZ’s environmental efforts, such as community cleanups and seasonal flower planting over the next three years, alongside $50,000 geared towards the Downtown Community Safety Partnership. This move not only exemplifies corporate responsibility but also enhances the quality of life in the surrounding urban locale.

The journey to erect this architectural marvel began in January 2021, culminating a vision announced two years prior to consolidate Wawanesa’s workforce from six diverse offices around downtown Winnipeg. This strategic consolidation reflects not only growth — with the company’s workforce having doubled in the last decade — but also Wawanesa’s status as Canada’s largest mutual insurer. Situated alongside its predecessors, including the 17-storey tower at 242 Hargrave Street and the 25-storey residential tower at 225 Carlton Street, the new headquarters adds a significant chapter to the evolving narrative of True North Square. With a fourth tower, which will host a hotel and residential units, already under construction, the square continues to be a focal point of development and dynamism in downtown Winnipeg.

Through its architectural ambition and community-focused initiatives, Wawanesa’s new headquarters at True North Square stands as a vibrant emblem of commitment to both economic growth and the well-being of its employees and the wider community. This landmark development not only reshapes Winnipeg’s skyline but also redefines the essence of working in the heart of this thriving Canadian city.

Natalie Kimura
Natalie Kimura
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