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Wawanesa Launches Innovative National Headquarters at True North Square: An Investment in Growth, Collaboration and Sustainability


Wawanesa Opens New National Headquarters at True North Square, Announces $500,000 for a More Vibrant Downtown

In a significant move underlining its commitment to growth and urban development, Wawanesa has inaugurated its new national headquarters at True North Square. This state-of-the-art office facility is a testament to Wawanesa’s dedication to providing a conducive and vibrant work environment for its expanding workforce, which has seen a twofold increase in the past decade amidst strong financial performance.

The innovative headquarters consolidates Wawanesa’s Manitoba operations, previously spread across multiple locations, into a single, unified space. This strategic consolidation is anticipated to foster greater collaboration, innovation, and efficiency among the teams.

The construction of the new headquarters was led by True North Real Estate Development, with Architecture49 behind its cutting-edge design. The focus on environmental sustainability and employee wellbeing in the design and construction phases of the building is commendable. The building is on a clear path to achieving LEED Gold certification, highlighting its adherence to stringent standards in energy efficiency, water conservation, and environmental quality.

Additionally, the headquarters is aspiring to secure WELL certification at the Gold level by the end of 2024. This certification will further accentuate the numerous health and wellness features embedded within the design, which includes natural light, open spaces, and greenery, aiming to enhance employee satisfaction and productivity.

Jim Ludlow, President of True North Real Estate Development, expressed his enthusiasm about the project, stating, “We are thrilled to officially welcome Wawanesa to True North Square and see their vision of an innovative, inviting and purpose-built employee home come to life in opening their new national headquarters.” He further added that Wawanesa’s profound pride in its Manitoba roots and its unwavering commitment to its employees and the revitalization of downtown Winnipeg is vividly demonstrated through their investment in this magnificent facility.

The opening of Wawanesa’s new headquarters at True North Square is a landmark development that not only benefits Wawanesa and its workforce but also signifies a substantial investment in the downtown Winnipeg area. Through this initiative, Wawanesa reiterates its commitment to fostering a vibrant and dynamic urban core, contributing to the overall development and prosperity of the region.

Natalie Kimura
Natalie Kimura
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