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AXT’s Stellar Q1 Performance: Charting Growth in Compound Semiconductors and Projecting Q2 Optimism


Earnings call: AXT highlights growth in Q1, positive outlook for Q2

AXT, Inc. (NASDAQ:AXTI), a leader in the development of compound semiconductor substrates, showcased a significant upswing in their Q1 2024 earnings, propelling forward with optimistic projections for the upcoming quarter. The company’s revenue notably ascended to $22.7 million from $20.4 million in the preceding quarter, and a comparison to the last year’s $19.4 million further underscores their vigorous growth trajectory.

Significant growth was registered in applications for indium phosphide and gallium phosphide, with germanium substrate demand also showing promising signs of recovery. Looking ahead, AXT sets its revenue expectations for Q2 to range between $25.5 million and $27.5 million. This projection comes despite the company’s anticipation of a non-GAAP net loss per share marked between $0.03 to $0.05.

The company’s commendable performance in the first quarter, coupled with assertive forward-looking statements, paints a picture of a business adeptly steering the turbulent waters of the semiconductor market. It’s not only about overcoming contemporary challenges but also about grasping emerging opportunities presented by burgeoning markets such as AI and data centers. Additionally, AXT has marked its calendar for an active presence at the Northland Security Growth Conference, a step towards forging stronger ties with investors and industry affiliates.

InvestingPro data throws light on an exceptional streak in AXT’s stock market performance, showcasing a 20.79% return over the past week, leading to an awe-inspiring 59.13% price total return over the past six months. The stock has witnessed a robust growth, ascending by 48.18% over the last three months and a 52.5% upturn year-to-date as of 2024.

However, AXT’s journey is not devoid of challenges. The company’s tryst with high price volatility and a non-profitable streak over the last twelve months foregrounds the inherent market risks. Despite this, the market’s optimistic pricings, reflected through a -9.39 adjusted P/E ratio, hint at a collective expectation of a bright future hinged on earnings growth to counterbalance the prevailing losses. The company stands at a gross profit margin of 18.09% for the last twelve months as of Q1 2024, highlighting the obstacles in the pathway to harnessing profitability.

Dr. Morris Young, CEO, and Gary Fischer, CFO, shared their insights during the earnings call, reflecting on the company’s strides in Q1 2024. The break-up of Q1 2024’s revenue by product category shed light on the growing demand across their product lines, especially from data center applications and the recovering satellite solar cells market. With geographic revenue distribution leaning heavily towards the Asia Pacific region, the company’s diverse customer base and robust sales underline its market resilience and strategic reach.

As AXT navigates through an evolving market landscape, it remains poised on the brink of returning to profitability. The strategic moves, including potential discussions for part-monetization of assets, underscore the proactive steps being undertaken to unlock value. With a keen focus on innovation, especially in gallium phosphide and indium phosphide substrates, AXT is laying down the tracks for sustained growth and an enriched product portfolio tailored for next-generation technology needs.

As the semiconductor industry continues to evolve rapidly, driven by advancements in AI and data processing technologies, AXT’s strategic positioning and market adaptability herald promising prospects for growth and market penetration. With a clear vision and steadfast resolve, AXT is charting a course towards capturing emerging market opportunities and fortifying its presence in the global semiconductor landscape.

Natalie Kimura
Natalie Kimura
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