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Odisha’s Ambitious Plan: 100 Startups Each Worth Rs 100 Crore by 2036


Odisha to have 100 startups of Rs 100 crore each: Minister Dharmendra Pradhan

In an ambitious statement on the future of entrepreneurship in Odisha, Union Minister for Education, Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Dharmendra Pradhan declared that the state will witness the establishment of 100 startups, each with a minimum turnover of Rs 100 crore, by the time it celebrates its centennial year in 2036.

The announcement was made during a fireside chat held on the eve of the 100-Cube startup conclave, engaging startups, educational institutions, investors, and ecosystem enablers in a meaningful dialogue. Minister Pradhan emphasized the burgeoning culture of research, innovation, and entrepreneurship that has taken root across the country, highlighting the abundance of talent and innovative ideas waiting to be nurtured and brought to fruition.

“Odisha, along with the broader eastern region of the country, harbors numerous potential startups that have the capability to astonish the global community,” Pradhan observed. He further added that the startup conclave is envisioned as a transformative platform for innovation and entrepreneurship, empowering the youth to showcase their entrepreneurial prowess and creativity.

Highlighting the strategic importance of eastern India, and Bhubaneswar in particular, as a knowledge hub equipped to address some of the world’s most intricate challenges, Pradhan envisioned the conclave as a pivotal link between knowledge and the opportunities of the 21st century. He posited that initiatives like these will not only cement Bhubaneswar and Odisha’s status as a nucleus for solution-centric startups but also propel the ‘Purvoday’ vision, fueling India’s growth trajectory and contributing to global welfare.

With such an ambitious roadmap laid out for the startup ecosystem in Odisha, the anticipation for the tangible impacts of these initiatives is palpable. As the state gears up to celebrate its centenary, the prospects of nurturing 100 high-value startups represent not just a significant leap in its entrepreneurial journey but also a substantial contribution to the nation’s progress and positioning on the global stage.

Alex Sterling
Alex Sterling
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