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Resurgence of Real Estate: NCR Housing Trends Defying Sluggish Metropolitans with 6% Sales Jump and 134% New Launches


New Launches in NCR More Than Double, Housing Sales See 6% Jump in Quarter

In the dynamic landscape of Indian real estate, the National Capital Region (NCR) has emerged as a beacon of growth, defying the sluggish trends observed in other metropolitan cities. A recent study by a reputable real estate consultancy has highlighted a pivotal 6% upsurge in housing sales across NCR, marking a stark contrast to the downturn seen elsewhere.

This resurgence in buyer interest is paralleled by a spectacular 134% leap in new project launches within the second quarter of the year 2024. An impressive tally of approximately 17,030 units were introduced to the market, addressing an array of consumer demands.

Digging deeper into the fabric of these new launches reveals a pronounced inclination towards luxury, with 82% of these offerings being in the high-end segments, each priced above the INR 1.5 crore mark. This shift not only signifies a robust investor confidence but also accentuates the evolving preferences of modern homebuyers looking for opulent living spaces.

The overall scenario is further illuminated by the inventory dynamics in the country’s top 7 cities, where a slight 1% quarterly decline coupled with a 6% annual reduction was observed. Within this landscape, NCR stood out with a significant 22% year-on-year inventory drop, underscoring the region’s accelerated absorption rates.

From a pricing perspective, the collective average property prices in these prime cities have witnessed a 7% quarter-on-quarter and a notable 25% year-on-year escalation. Leading the pack, NCR experienced the steepest quarterly surge at 10%, showcasing the heightened demand and the area’s burgeoning market value.

Anuj Puri, a prominent figure in real estate consultancy, underscored these findings by stating, “The data indicates a robust growth pattern in average residential prices, with a 7% quarterly increment and a pronounced 25% annual rise across the top 7 cities.” Puri highlighted NCR’s singular performance with a remarkable 10% quarterly spike in prices, while Hyderabad led the annual growth charts with a staggering 38% increase. Despite these price adjustments, the outlook remains positive, with expectations of sustained sales in the forthcoming quarters, provided the pricing is managed judically.

Industry insiders like Pradeep Aggarwal, from Signature Global, echo the sentiment of opportunistic growth, citing an influx of new project launches aimed at meeting the pent-up demand for homes. Efforts to acquire new lands for future developments are ramping up, especially in the peripheral areas of NCR, introducing a diverse range of housing options that cater to the modern consumer’s aspirations for amenity-rich living.

Vikas Garg of Ganga Realty highlights the unique position of Delhi-NCR in the current market dynamics. With an unwavering sales growth in the April-June quarter, NCR has shown resilience and a strong consumer confidence, undeterred by the pricing uptrend and the subdued atmosphere in other cities. According to Garg, the quality of residential projects remains a critical factor driving sales, even amidst rising prices.

Gurugram, in particular, has seen a notable uptick in the segment of uber-luxury homes, with new developments sprouting in areas tagged as ‘New Gurgaon’. This sector’s growth signifies a clear trend towards high-end living, driven by a discerning clientele seeking unparalleled luxury and convenience.

In light of these developments, the real estate landscape in NCR is poised for continued vibrancy, buoyed by a healthy mix of luxury project launches and sustained buyer interest. As the region carves out a niche for itself in the luxury housing segment, its trajectory seems geared towards setting new benchmarks for urban development and living standards.

The unfolding narrative of NCR’s real estate market speaks volumes about the adaptability and resilience of the region, even as it navigates the complex currents of economic and policy shifts. With a clear preference for luxury and exclusivity, the NCR real estate market is on a path of distinguished growth, reshaping expectations and redefining the essence of urban living.

Natalie Kimura
Natalie Kimura
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