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Triumphant 2,850% Increase: Olive Tree People’s Remarkable Rise in the U.S. Waterless Beauty Market


Oliveda International’s Subsidiary, Olive Tree People, Achieves Remarkable 2,850% Growth in the U.S.

In an age where sustainability and holistic wellness are at the forefront of consumer minds, Oliveda International, Inc. (OTC Pink: OLVI) recently unveiled the impressive growth metrics of its subsidiary, Olive Tree People, marking a triumphant 2,850% increase in sales within the U.S. market over the past year. This significant milestone was celebrated during the 1st Anniversary Convention in Los Angeles which drew in more than 600 enthusiasts from the burgeoning waterless beauty movement.

The story of Olive Tree People reflects a journey of ambition and dedication, beginning in the garage of Founder and CEO Thomas Lommel in Venice. What started with a daily shipment of 40 packages swiftly escalated to over 3,000 packages per day, necessitating the expansion into several warehouses within Los Angeles to meet the growing demands of U.S. customers. This remarkable uptick in sales volume signals not only a successful market entry but a rapidly increasing interest in waterless beauty products.

Lommel, who initiated the enterprise with his groundbreaking product, the I01, more than two decades ago in Spain, shared his journey and vision during the convention. He emphasized how starting with less than 10 Waterless Beauty Consultants, Olive Tree People has expanded to over 20,000 consultants today. This expansion is a testament to the company’s innovative approach and commitment to sustainable beauty solutions.

Projections for the upcoming years are ambitious, with estimations indicating that sales could exceed $100 million dollars in the U.S. alone for Olive Tree People’s second year. Furthermore, a tripling of sales is on the horizon for 2025, alongside plans to upgrade to the Nasdaq, a move that would mark a significant leap forward for the company.

The potential for the waterless beauty market in the U.S. is phenomenal, according to Lommel, who confidently puts the figure at $56.6 billion. This estimate is based on the current size of the U.S. cosmetics market and the growing consumer preference for sustainable, water-free products. Olive Tree People’s success attributes to its effective communication strategy, guarantee policies, and the unmatched quality of its products that cater to an increasingly eco-conscious consumer base.

About Oliveda International, Inc.

With over 20 years of experience under its belt, Oliveda International, Inc., spearheaded by German real estate investor and conservationist Thomas Lommel, has grown to encompass a range of subsidiaries and myriad beauty brands like Oliveda, LA Dope, and Olive Mush. The company specializes in the management and organic certification of mountain olive trees, extraction of internationally award-winning extra virgin olive oils, and the creation and distribution of holistic, waterless beauty products. Leveraging the benefits of olive tree derivatives, Oliveda International is at the forefront of the next generation of clean, bio-active beauty solutions.

The company has received widespread acclaim, featured in top industry publications and embraced by celebrities like Gigi Hadid. Oliveda International is dedicated not only to revolutionizing beauty but also to giving back, with initiatives like the Thomas Lommel Foundation, which focuses on providing fresh water resources to African communities.

Oliveda International’s unique approach to beauty, focusing on sustainability, waterless formulas, and the nurture of ancient olive trees, positions it as a pioneer in the industry. With its rapid growth in the U.S. and ambitious plans for global expansion, the company is set to redefine the future of beauty and wellness.

This communication includes forward-looking statements related to the company’s projected growth and market potential, which are subject to risks, uncertainties, and other factors that may cause actual results to differ materially. These statements are not guarantees of future performance, and investors are cautioned not to place undue reliance on them.

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