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FactSet Research Systems Inc. (FDS) Demonstrates Resilient Q3 2024 Earnings Amidst Tough Market Conditions


FactSet Research Systems Inc. (FDS) Delivers Robust Q3 2024 Earnings Amid Challenging Market Dynamics


In the face of enduring market headwinds and a tightened budget environment across the financial industry, FactSet Research Systems Inc. (FDS) reported resilient financial performance for the third fiscal quarter of 2024. The company’s strategic focus on technology innovation, comprehensive data solutions, and targeted investment in generative AI and cloud-based services underscores its commitment to sustaining growth and expanding its market presence despite external pressures.

Financial Highlights

For the third quarter, FactSet achieved organic Annual Subscription Value (ASV) plus professional services growth of 5%. The adjusted diluted earnings per share (EPS) saw an increase, reaching $4.37, and the adjusted operating margin was reported at 39.4%, showcasing the company’s ability to navigate through challenging economic times effectively. Notably, FactSet’s consistent growth strategy has resulted in 44 consecutive years of revenue growth, a testament to its resilient business model and dedication to innovation.

Client Engagement and Market Response

The company concluded the quarter with 8,029 clients, adding nine new logos, indicating its continuous appeal in the financial data market. User count surged past 208,000, a reflection of FactSet’s robust client engagement and retention strategies. Despite the broader industry trends of delayed decision-making and extended sales cycles, FactSet’s emphasis on enhancing its product offerings, particularly through leveraging generative AI, has started to pay off. The company reported enthusiastic responses to new products demonstrated at its 11th client symposium, translating into numerous product demonstration requests and sales leads.

Regional Performance

FactSet’s performance varied across regions with specific challenges attributed to the ongoing market downturn and the impact of significant industry events, such as the Credit Suisse and UBS merger which affected all regions. The Americas witnessed organic ASV growth of 5.7%, propelled by gains in asset ownership and wealth management segments. The EMEA region reported a growth rate of 4.4%, and Asia Pacific experienced a 6.1% growth rate, showcasing FactSet’s diversified and resilient global business model.

Investment in Innovation and Strategic Growth Initiatives

Amidst the backdrop of a demanding financial market landscape, FactSet remains focused on fostering innovation and strategically aligning its offerings to evolving industry needs and client workflows. The company’s commitment to expanding its cloud-based solutions and investing in generative AI is evident in its product development, notably in its portfolio commentary product and the new portfolio manager hub. These initiatives underscore FactSet’s strategic direction towards enhancing operational efficiencies for its clients and securing a competitive edge in the financial data and analytics market.

Financial Outlook and Strategy Moving Forward

Looking ahead, FactSet has adjusted its fiscal year guidance with an expected annual organic ASV plus professional services growth ranging between 4% and 5.5%. The company plans to maintain its disciplined approach towards operational costs while continuing to invest in new technologies, including AI-powered solutions and cloud-based services, to drive future growth and client value. FactSet’s enduring focus on innovation, coupled with its strategic investment in growing market segments such as wealth management, analytics, and alternative data, positions it well to navigate through current market uncertainties and capitalize on long-term growth opportunities.


FactSet’s impressive ability to deliver positive financial results, amidst challenging market conditions, speaks volumes about its strategic resilience, operational efficiency, and future growth potential. As it continues to invest in technological innovation and expands its global footprint, FactBox stands well-positioned to leverage upcoming market trends and meet the evolving needs of the financial industry effectively.

Natalie Kimura
Natalie Kimura
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